More functionality = less work.

Conveniences for the counselor

  • Accessible from any computer with Internet access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Track and show your clients' progress over time by using the Financial Progress Profile to save financial "snapshots" --credit score, savings, income, debt and net worth -- when and as often as you wish.
  • Calendar function, complete with reminder prompts, tracks counselor's time and clients' activities
  • Client intake activities are performed in real-time
  • Multiple modes of counseling, including face-to-face, are tracked
  • Credit reports, which are pre-populated with liabilities, and scores can be easily accessed
  • Tri-merged soft credit reports, which prevent adverse impacts to your clients' scores, are also available.
  • Tools such as the amortization schedule allow customers to better answer clients' questions and concerns
  • The system is always maintained for regulatory compliance
  • All CounselorMax® data is very secure.
  • CounselorMax® is continuously enhanced to address evolving customer needs and industry demands
  • Exceptional support provided from a highly trained, dedicated team

Comprehensive capabilities

Marketing and Outreach

  • Draft letters, create fliers and more in English, Spanish or both.
  • Customize communications with your organization's logo.
  • Schedule and send follow-up correspondence

Foreclosure Mitigation

  • Electronically transmit loan modification packages to the Hope LoanPort
  • Easily track standard default and loss mitigation activity (including type of loan, amount, outstanding balance and primary reason for default) through CounselorMax's Default Foreclosure Module's customized guiding and planning work-flow system
  • Meet the requirements for NFMC grantees and sub-grantees
  • Effortlessly report default and loss mitigation activity using NFMC standards.

Grantor and Investor Reporting

  • With the Financial Progress Profile functionality, client progress can be tracked and charted, both for individual clients, groups of clients, or even all clients at an agency -- Perfect for showing funders a return on their investment.
  • Print and export all major industry reports (HUD, NFMC and NeighborWorks quarterly reporting)
  • Automatically generate the required HUD 9902 report
  • Generate and design custom reports using any combination of accurate, relevant data fields in the database to tell individual stories
  • Report the activity of affiliates and aggregate the appropriate information through ReportMax, an add-on reporting feature
  • Extract information at the organization or intermediary level

Education and Counseling

  • Create classes for clients
  • Manage enrollment and attendance for individuals or groups.
  • Create education certificates
  • Develop standard or customized weekly and monthly budget tools for clients
  • Create and share action plans with clients

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